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About Us

Operation Embrace (OE) offers assistance to injured survivors of terror in Israel. With the expert guidance from social workers throughout Israel and Bituach Leumi (Israel’s National Insurance Agency), Operation Embrace helps all people who have been violated by random acts of terror and does not discriminate by race or religion.


Operation Embrace provides direct assistance as well as group support through a variety of PTSD and trauma support programs. OE funds medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative needs to help people move forward. The goal is to facilitate a brighter future and to help individuals who suffer with physical/emotional trauma to rebuild their lives.


OE Trauma support centers have included:

- Merkaz Hosen ~ Southern Israel Trauma Centers 

- Hadassah Mt. Scopus ~ Jerusalem

- Western Galilee Hospital ~ Nahariya

- Laniado Hospital ~ Netanya

- Rambam Hospital ~ Haifa

- Municipality of Sderot ~ Sderot

- Therapy Support Groups ~ Zfat


It has been our experience that when visiting with survivors of terror we have heard them say that “one day we are news headlines and the next day we are soon forgotten.” Operation Embrace is committed to offering short, long term, and ongoing support to survivors of terror and will not allow them to feel forgotten.

Operation Embrace was founded in Potomac, Maryland U.S.A. in November 2001.

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