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Operation Embrace Team

Aviva Tessler ~ Executive Director 

Aviva Tessler is the Executive Director and founder of Operation Embrace.  It all began in 2000, during the second intifada, when Aviva and her family brought Purim baskets (mishloachei manot) to injured survivors of terror attacks who were hospitalized.  It was a visit with Michal, a double-leg amputee as a result of a car bombing that the seeds of Operation Embrace took bloom.   Michal said, “one day we are news headlines and the next day we are forgotten.”  Aviva walked away from those words and that visit with tears and with a mission that no terror victim should ever feel forgotten.  Aviva mobilized her friends and hundreds of volunteers to help.

As executive director of Operation Embrace, she continues to be the engine both in the U.S. and in Israel to both raise awareness and funds to help survivors of terror attacks to move forward and to rebuild their lives.  Close to 7000 families have been helped by Operation Embrace.

Aviva is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. In addition, Aviva is a scholar of Judaic Studies and lectures internationally on topics that bridge and integrate Judaism, psychology, and spirituality.

Aviva is married to Rabbi Joel Tessler, the former spiritual leader of Beth Sholom Congregation for the past 35 years.  Together, Aviva and her husband have helped create SOS International, a community service travel program for teens, college students, and adults.  Aviva and Rabbi Joel co-produced the CD Shabbat with the Tesslers and co-hosted a weekly radio show Torah Talk with the Tesslers.  And most importantly, they are the proud parents of Roniel, Saphira (son-in-law, Aviad), and grandparents of Nefeshya, Odecha, and Modani.

Michal Feldstien ~ Social Worker     
מיכל פלדשטיין ~ עובדת סוציאלית 

מיכל פלדשטיין נשואה לאריאל ואמה תואמת, צור ודן. היא גרה ברצועת עזה בקיבוץ מפלסים, כקילומטר וחצי מרצועת עזה. בעל תואר ראשון ושני בעבודה סוציאלית


Michal Feldstein is married to Ariel and is a mother to her two sons, Tzur and Dan. She lives by the Gaza Strip in Kibbutz Mefalsim, about a kilometer and a half from the Gaza Strip.

Michal holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Social Work. In 2007, she was privileged to join the staff of "Operation Embrace" as a social worker for the organization. Over the years, she has worked alongside Aviva with implementing the decisions of the organization's management. Michal feels privileged to be part of a large family that works day and night for the victims of hostilities.

בשנת 2007 זכיתי להצטרף לצוות "מבצע חיבוק" כעובדת סוציאלית של העמותה. לאורך השנים עובדת גב 'אביבה טסלר ומיישמת את החלטות הנהלת העמותה ויו"ר. זכיתי להיות חלק ממשפחה גדולה שעובדת יום ולילה למען נפגעי פעולות אביבה

Yael Green ~ Executive Assistant 
Yael Green.HEIC

Yael Green is a graduate of Muhlenberg College with a double Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Media & Communications. Throughout high school and college, she has been both a participant and supporter of many different Operation Embrace projects/initiatives. 

Having a deep passion for Israel from a young age, Yael was the leader of several different Israel and Jewish-related organizations. She continues to help people in any way she can and bring the light of Israel to as many people as possible.

As Executive Assistant, Yael's roles are to assist Aviva with her tasks as Executive Director. Additionally, she is in charge of the social media pages. 

Yael, originally from Potomac, Maryland, recently made Aliyah and now resides in Tel Aviv. 

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