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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects

Due to the thousands of Kassam rockets and Incinerator Ballons fired at the city of Sderot, and Southern Israel, OE has focused much of its resources on helping children and families in these areas. 


Considering participating and/or sponsoring a project in honor of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Contact us at!  

Example Mitzvah Projects:

  • Nadiv Turitz and his family sponsor a 10K bike ride around Sderot 

  • Abby Blumofe send Mishloach Manot packages to families in Southern Israel 

  • Jonah Riffkin and Noah Green sponsor a fun-filled day for children of Sderot 

  • Mory Gould raises awareness about victims of terror with his rubber band project 

  • Abbie Salamon collects backpacks for children in Sderot and southern cities  ​

  • The option of connecting American youth with children and or families in Sderot.  


Get creative on what project would be most meaningful for you!



Visit our archive of past bar/bat mitzvah projects

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