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“I got the laptop yesterday and it is great. I think I will write my PH.d. thesis now. Thank you – to your families and the whole Operation Embrace community. May all of our wishes come true for the best. We wish you all health, happiness, and peace.”


– Asaf, a 28-year-old suffering from severe eye injuries from a bus bombing in Jerusalem.

Asaf received a laptop computer from Operation Embrace.


“My wife Hila and I received gratefully the help that you kindly offered us in order to buy Hila an adjustable bed. Hila is doing well these days and is in a very intensive session of treatments. I really hope we will be able to meet one of Operation Embrace people in order to thank you in a more personal way.”


– Hila and Gad, Hila a mother of three, was seriously injured in a drive-by shooting


“. . . To me, you are all angels. I was so excited from your phone call, so I forgot my English. You are all such good people, and I want again to wish you all the best in this world. It means a lot to me to know that there are people like you who listen and ready to give a hand.”


- Giora, Bus Driver injured in a bus attack in Haifa, December 2, 2001


“.. I want to thank you very much for your generosity. The money you gave me was very helpful during this difficult time and is helping me to get through it. I will never forget your kindness. “


- Tigist, injured in a bus attack on the way back to base, February 22, 2004


“. . . Thank you for your most kind donation you made me very happy… Thank you for returning my smile. I want to thank you and thank the whole community of “Operation Embrace” your help to the terror victims puts you in the front line and give us here the warm feeling that we are not alone in this violent war. “

– Gil, injured in Maxim Restaurant Bomb Blast Haifa, October 4, 2003


“. . . The trip transformed my life, I will always be grateful to Operation Embrace for giving back to me my youth.”


- Nir, injured on bus # 14 in Jerusalem while riding to high school

“…Steve is going out for treatments every day and we have managed to sign him into different therapy clubs … for stretching treatments, and social activities, he is also getting physiotherapy treatments, and twice a week he is going for occupational therapy and pool therapy. I want to thank Operation Embrace for the computer you gave Steve.”


–wife of Steve, who was seriously injured in a terror attack


“…I hope that someday I will be able to help others the way you help me, and I don’t mean only for the financial help, you lift my spirit and gave me hope when I was down, and I am grateful for everything you have done for me. All the best to you and your family.”


- Roei B, injured in Jerusalem at the Moment Café in 2002


“…Operation Embrace helped me feel like I’m still with my friends and part of the normal world. Thank you.”

- Inna, paralyzed from the waist down, injured at Hebrew University, July 2002

Reflections from Survivors

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