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Annual Gala honoring Executive Director, Aviva Tessler - November 2012


The Operation Embrace Annual Gala was Thursday night, November 15. It was particularly poignant to commemorate 10 years of helping and healing survivors of terror, as rockets were simultaneously falling on Israel’s southern border as well as threatening Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In the past week, there have been close to 500 rockets fired at our brothers and sisters in Israel. It is a frightening time for all of us who love Israel and especially for all Israelis living in fear and suffering emotional distress.


The Gala, our largest ever with over 170 attendees, honored our beloved founder and Executive Director, Aviva Tessler. Aviva, standing next to what was a Kassam rocket, spoke lovingly of the work Operation Embrace does in Israel to support and empower survivors of terror and their families. Attendees viewed the new Operation Embrace fundraising film, a retrospective which describes how Operation Embrace was conceived. It shows how Operation Embrace partners with professionals on the ground in Israel, presents testimonials from survivors of terror, and describes ways in which you can help support Operation Embrace.


→ Please view our Operation Embrace 2012 video.


In the past 10 years, Operation Embrace has raised over 2.5 million dollars and has helped over 5,000 families in Israel.


Please share the video; post it on your Facebook page or email it to your friends and help us spread the word so Operation Embrace can reach as many people as possible requiring our help. Unfortunately our services are still sorely needed. Please donate generously and thank you for your support.


If you would like to attend the upcoming Operation Embrace mission from February 17-24 and help survivors of terror directly, please contact us at


In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel,

The Operation Embrace Board of Directors

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