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After 5 Years of Silence, Noam's Voice Is Heard - March 2015


Dear Friends,


You did something amazing and I want you to know it.


After witnessing a rocket attack in 2011 in her hometown of Ashkelon, Noam, then age 6, became completely mute.  Her mutism was a response to the traumatic experience.  This has been so difficult and painful for Noam's family to experience. 


This past week, I received a phone call from Anat, Noam's mother who said; "Aviva, there is someone here who would like to speak with you"......I couldn't believe my ears!  I heard a little voice that said, "Aviva, anee ohevet otach, (Aviva, I love you).  It was Noam!.... my little friend who spoke for the first time in almost 5 years.  I burst into tears and suddenly it was me who had no words.  Anat shared that Noam began to speak just the day before.  I asked what was Noam's first word and she responded "Todah", thank you, that was her first word.


Anat wanted me to relay her gratitude to, YOU, the donors of Operation Embrace for providing so much support over the years to Noam and her family.  Over the years, Operation Embrace has stayed in constant contact with the family, inviting them to therapeutic shabbat retreats, providing financial assistance for a variety of things, alternative therapies and famly therapeutic excursions.  Anat expressed how that ongoing kindness and love has given both Noam and her family the strength to arrive at this miraculous moment where Noam was able to say her first words. "Without the help of Operation Embrace, I don't think we could have reached this day."


Upon hearing this exciting news, yesterday, I visited Noam and her family with Michal Feldstein (OE's social worker in the south) and with volunteers Mary Keyes and Joy Rothenberg from Raanana.

















To quote Noam, "Thank you dear friends of Operation Embrace, you really did something amazing!"


With gratitide and appreciation,


Noam is pictured standing with Snow White at the OE Purim Event, just 10 days before she spoke her first words.

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