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Israel Under Attack
Please help support our brothers and sisters. They need us. 

Operation Embrace

~ מבצע חיבוק ~

Assisting Injured Survivors of Terror in Israel


!ברוכים הבאים

Our Mission

Operation Embrace (OE) offers assistance to injured survivors of terror in Israel. With the guidance from social workers throughout Israel and Bituach Leumi (Israel’s National Insurance Agency), Operation Embrace helps all people who have been violated by random acts of terror and does not discriminate by race or religion.


Operation Embrace provides direct assistance as well as group support through a variety of PTSD and trauma support programs.  OE funds medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative needs to help people move forward.  The goal is to facilitate a brighter future and to help individuals who suffer with physical/emotional trauma to rebuild their lives.


Here from those we have helped:

Here from those we have helped:
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Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack

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Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack

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Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack

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Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack

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Newest Updates




Certificate of gratitude from Netiv Ha'asarah and Kibbutz Zikim.


Letter of Appreciation from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak.

Dear Operation Embrace, 


Thank you very much for your generous donation on behalf of the entire Nir Yitzhak community.
In the challenging days that we are going through, the mobilization to help us restore our community, which was destroyed in the events of the October 7th massacre, moves and lifts our spirits. The strength of our people is revealed to us everyday in actions and gestures of support, love and unity.

The money will be used to strengthen and restore the community during the time period that we are living in temporary dwelling situations.  The funds will support two important projects: the teens will operate a snack bar in order to strengthen their sense of self in relation to the community.  In addition, funds will be used for children to receive therapy and resilience sessions to strengthen their sense of security which will help in their return to the kibbutz as a place of hope and renewal.

You are invited to continue following our journey back home on our Facebook page and Instagram.
With great appreciation for your contribution, and hope for quieter and better days. We pray for the speedy return of the late Tal Chaimi and the late Oren Goldin, and for the return of Lior Rudaif, who was taken prisoner by Hamas and his condition is unknown.

Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak Community

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Israel Under Attack- War Day 6

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Israel Under Attack- War Day 9

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Israel Under Attack- War Day 4

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Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack- War Day 2

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Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses the Anual OE Dinner.

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